About Me

Hello! I am Suchita Pande, a pen and ink Illustrator from the beautiful city of Bengaluru. Flowers, nature and architecture with intricate colourful patterns make me happy like a kid in a candy land.
And these are also my main sources of inspiration for most of the artworks that you will find in my merchandise.
My Process
I create artworks with different media like watercolours, sketch-pens and white inks, but mostly with fine liners. Then I edit them a little for colour correction, fixing minor mistakes and sometimes creating repeat patterns. I retouch colours so that the artwork is printer-friendly and the output is bright high contrast colours.
All this while I make sure that the true essence of hand drawing is not lost. Thus, if you see crooked lines and smudges, please pardon my human errors.

How I became what I am
I grew up in a small town called RaeBareli (UP). And like many other kids of the 90's, I grew up gathering real time experiences in the form of playing outside till our legs started falling off, exchanging Billu-Pinki-Chacha Chaudhary comics with our friends, listening to cooked up ghost stories, ringing the bell of our neighbours and running away  and what not. 
We had a strict no TV rule by my mother at our house till I completed my 12th standard. This left me and my siblings with no choice but to either read story books, do DIY's or prank each other to pass our free time. My father has been a story teller and on our annual train trips from RaeBareli to Mumbai (my Nani's place) ,he would always keep feeding us with endless information about plateaus, hills, mountains, crops, cultures, foods and anything and everything visible from the window seat. He was basically our on the go google back then.
My main creative flair comes from my mother, who has excellent eye towards perfecting and beautifying everything around her. With all this combined (the stories/experiences plus the creative flair) I knew I wanted to be someone who communicated things in my head through visuals.

Illustration as a full time career and why this website
Fast forward to 2008 and 2013, I graduated from NIFT Kolkata with a degree in Textile Design and received my master's degree from IIT Guwahati specialising in Visual Communication. Having worked for almost 5years in the textile industry and the IT sector, it was time for me to step out and do things on my own.
My loving husband has been a huge huge accelerator for my illustration career. He had constant faith and belief in me as an artist and always got my back. He, along with my super duper awesome soul sister and my coolest chilled out bro, helped me put up my first merchandise stall at Comic Con & then many times at Sunday Soul Sante in Bengaluru. 
A strong family support makes anything come true. My in-laws casually yet very proudly mentioned to a stationery supplier that I do illustrations, one thing led to another and I was conducting workshops in Bengaluru, Chennai & Hyderabad.
The response and love I received for my merchandise and artworks made me think about having my own website, so that the customers who interact with me during such events, could purchase my products around the year. After days and days of groundwork, here I bring to you this website, which I hope you will love. 

I look forward to brighten up your days through colors.
Love and regards,
Suchita :)

If you have something nice to share or something to tell me please feel free to write atinfo@suchitapande.com